We got up early, ran around Folsom Lake trying not to get swept away with the wind. It was like nothing we could have imagined, no, it was better.

When Taylor and David told me they wanted their Engagement photos taken, I was over the world thrilled. When I got Taylor's text, let me tell you it was a good thing I was near a chair because I about fell over with excitement and I needed something to hold on to.

More serious though, I truly was so happy to be able to spend a day out in the cold to create the magic we did. Trying to stay warm while looking like a true #powercouple will always be how I look at the love these two have for each other.

Every couple is different, every session is not the same, and every location adds to the individuality behind the photo. It is why I can't help but be thrilled every time I have an excuse to leave my desk to get in my car, blast a little Lady Gaga or Cardi B, and drive to capture these moments.

Taylor and David, you two are the reason I am an engagement photographer.

We all met up at Beals Point, a recreation area that leads right down to the shores of Folsom Lake. The weather was forecast as having a 60% chance of rain that day with a high of about 48 degrees. I'm a California boy and let me say 48 degrees is FREAKING cold!

When we met in the parking lot, it was like old friends coming together again. We looked at the dark clouds overhead when Taylor said: "I wish I brought an umbrella!" That's when I ran back to my car and grabbed the two umbrellas I had brought with me.

We gathered our things and started to walk the path down to the beach. We shared stories along the way, and I got to learn about Taylor's #furbaby pit-bull Doshea.

As we started walking down to the beach, blasting a bit of Nicki and Miley Cyrus to set the mood, we were all so excited to see just how beautiful Folsom Lake was with the clouds above really serving us those PNW vibes.

When you live in California, it seems as though we are blessed every day to be able to witness every season. Now we are definitely infamous for our extended summer months that run from about May to sometimes as late as October, or what I like to call an eternity. We are definitely a desert during these times but when we do start to see clouds in the sky, I think I speak for just about everyone, especially at the end of Summer, we all do a bit of a dance to celebrate the colder weather coming our way. We were all definitely dancing this day when we say the fog in the distance and the clouds overhead just desperately holding onto their weather for as long as they possibly could before gravity got the best of them.

We began away from the water because that's when we thought it was really going to rain. I had my clear umbrella from Totes that I immediately grabbed and handed it to the two of them, where Taylor and David held onto for dear life, so the wind wouldn't steal it!

We kept walking down further to the beach and the wind, let me tell you, when that wind came off the water it was NOT 48 degrees. HELL no, it felt like we were somewhere much further north and surprised that it wasn't snowing. I think I speak for all of us when I say I couldn't feel my fingers but I could tell my nipples were like little baby rocks ;)

Two things about the wind: one, I'm glad we all had on our expensive wig glue that day because we would have all been snatched bald by mother nature. Two, when it comes to looking like a god or goddess, the wind is your best friend for adding that extra action that just blows you away. Haha, punny aren't I? ;)

We held on and kept walking further when we finally made it to the water's edge and decided to run around, to stay warm. The best thing to do when you and your couples are getting a bit chilly, and it seems like their 🍑 might actually freeze, ya got to keep moving. Chase your couples around to get what I like to call the "Catch me if you can" pose. Even though it's not really a pose, because everyone is just having a great time running around, it always comes in handy when you have a couple that is just as adventurous as you've dreamed of.

I will remember this day forever. T+D the day we spent at the beach was the day you two showed me what love truly was.

Love is Love not because of a hashtag or some social media bandwagon that everyone hops on, no, Love is what you have for partner, for other people, your family, and most importantly yourself.

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