Modesto CA Double Wedding

Modesto CA Double Wedding Photos

Truly one of my most favorite weddings ever. Going in knowing this day would be a double wedding (YES! Two weddings happening at once) I was a bit hesitant about how things were going to go. In the end, though, every moment went so smoothly, and every detail was so intimate and incredible. Adrianna and Bianca are the sweetest people and share every moment of their lives (even their wedding day). I have never met two people who are closer than them.

I was so impressed with how unique of a day this was. From the separate colors for the bridal parties to the more subtle details, like how A+B had their nails painted with their wedding colors, everything was just so beautiful. This has to be the biggest bridal party I have ever seen, but we made it work and had a blast doing so.

The story of two sisters with an incredible mother and father celebrate their special day together. The emotions were high, and the tears were real. With all the work that went into this day, every bit paid off and shone through. You would think that a double wedding would be more chaotic (you know because its two weddings) I have to say though, this was by far the smoothest wedding I have ever been to and the most authentic day I had ever been apart of.

From the getting ready photos to "I do," and to the sparkler exit at the end, everything went so perfectly. Not to mention this ceremony happened the weekend before the 4th of July, which only made the celebrations that much more amazing! The smile on everyone's faces just made my job that much better. This was certainly a day I will never forget.

Congratulations, Adriana + Kevin, as well as Josh + Bianca. Check out their special day!

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