Glacier Point Proposal Yosemite CA

Glacier Point Proposal Yosemite CA

When Mitchell reached out to me and told me of his pans to propose in Yosemite at Glacier Point during their trip to the park, I was so excited and felt so much joy for these two! We planned every detail together and came up with the best plan to surprise Mary. I had to put my top-notch acting skills to use for a Grammy award-winning performance. The plan was simple: Mitchell and Mary would walk past me sitting on the bench, and I would approach them, asking for a few photos because they were so cute. It didn't take much acting because these two are ADORABLE!

They walked past me, and when Mitchell put his arm around Mary, I spoke up from behind them. I told them how cute they were, and we all started walking together. I told them I was a local and would love a few photos of them together. There was one place in particular I knew would be fantastic and brought them to the best view of Half Dome. When we got to the point, I had Mary turn around and gave Mitchell the cue. Mary turned around, and the perfect moment was made.

I will never forget this day. With all the tears and all the love, I knew these two were just so precious together. I can't thank my couples enough, especially Mitchell and Mary, for trusting me to capture such an incredible and memorable moment. It is always so terrific and inspiring how I have met so many wonderful people with stories of their own. Sharing these moments just warms my heart so much.

Yosemite, you have done it again, and I can wait to see what other extraordinary things and people you bring into my life! CONGRATS TO YOU MITCHELL AND MARY!

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