Kristan + Timothy Pinecrest Forest Engagement

I've always lived in a really small town so a lot of the people I get to meet arent always familiar with the boondocks I preside in. When Kristan and Tim reached out to me and said they lived in the same area as me I was so shocked and super excited to meet them. We all connected right away and I could tell it was so meant to be :)

Tim is a respiratory therapist and Kristan used to be a full-time artist. With her art background and Tim's attention to top-notch fits, it was bound to be a great time! After deciding to shoot in Pinecrest, I was super excited to show them a more secluded part of the area (near the chalet, a wonderful wedding venue that just takes your breath away!) Check out a past session I shot there HERE!

Being back in Pinecrest was so great! It felt amazing to relive all the wonderful things that happened the last time I was there. Being back I knew it was going to be a great time. As soon as K+T made it, they were both so hyper and excited to be free and have a blast! We listened to a bit of Frank Sinatra and other amazing songs that brought out the life in these two!

I knew as soon as we met in the parking lot it was going to be such a great time. K+T brought so much energy to the session. I mean the way Tim looked at Kristan I just couldn't help but be obsessed with their love! From suits to boho moves and khaki cargo shorts K+T brought it and I just can't help but smile every time I see their session!

If you want to see these two's love for one another, check out their love below!

Kristian and Timothy's Pinecrest Forest Engagement photos. These two ran all around Pinecrest and just left me speechless. Enjoy their session!

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