Muir Beach Engagement Photos S+C

Muir Beach Engagement Photos

When Stephanie and Chris reached out to me about their engagement session, they told me they LOVED the beach. Let me tell you; I LOVE THE BEACH! Every single time I see the coast, I get butterflies. I knew this was meant to be.

With all the chaos of COVID, we were unsure how everything was going to work out, but we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. After spending far too much time trying to get ahold of a park ranger at Muir beach, I finally got ahold of someone who gave us the all-clear to take the photos. The drive to Muir Beach is just the most beautiful thing ever. You get to see the fantastic coast of San Fransisco and go around some very share turns (please drive the speed limit). Once you cross over into the Tamalpais Valley on Shoreline Highway, you will start to see the water, and if you look closely, you can also see the beach!

As soon as I rounded that corner, I saw there was a lot of fog coming in from the ocean, and it was starting to make things gloomy. I was hoping for some incredible sun on the beach, but it ended up being a little spotty. Even though we didn't have all the golden hour we were looking for, we still made every moment count, and it was an absolute blast! From running around in the water that nearly froze our toes off, we managed to create something truly magical! The wind, the sand, the sea; they all added up to be a truly fantastic experience, and a time I will not forget!

Congratulations Stephanie and Christoper, your wedding next year is going to be one for the books!

Enjoy our epic overcast engagement session at Muir beach!

Stephanie and Christopher's overcast Muir Beach engagement session. Muir beach overlook photos windy engagement session on the coast.