San Fransisco Ocean Beach Sutro Baths Engagement

San Fransisco Ocean Beach Sutro Baths engagement

Meeting V+A at Ocean Beach in San Fransisco was truly one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had to share with any couple. We couldn't have asked for more; the sun was shining and there was just there a perfect amount of Bay Area wind to add to the magic between these two. From running around at Ocean Beach to driving to Sutro Baths, every moment was beyond perfect; just another thing the Bay Area seems to always provide.

We shot from golden hour to just after the sun had set off the coast. In running to catch the last bit of light on the trails of Sutro Baths, we found a cliff that peeked out over the edge and looked right toward the setting sun. With the help of V+A's bravery, we made it to the cliff and the wind was just magical.

To say every moment was beyond perfect is truly an understatement. Every moment was:


Ocean Beach + Sutro Baths are truly the most incredible places in the Bay Area that are perfect for all types of photography, especially those intimate moments with your someone special.

Also Just look at their double exposure yumminess!

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