Rustic Backyard Wedding Reception | Sacramento CA

Bride and Groom Rustic Backyard Wedding Reception

The best boho-backyard reception | SACRAMENTO, CA:

Small details like what R+C put together for their intimate backyard wedding reception are truly what make the magic possible. Being invited into their home to photograph their reception and seeing their adorable children and close family members was so sweet and heartwarming. In turning their backyard into the best BOHO space I had ever seen and watch everyone have such a great time all night was nothing short of why I do what I do.

Family is so important and seeing how much love was in the air this night was unreal. Watching the kiddos play and seeing everyone enjoy their time was truly a delight. Every moment was so perfect and brought joy to my heart. Especially when your adorable puppers made an appearance, he certainly needed some pup-portraits.

R+C thank you for being you and allowing me into your space to capture your backyard Reception. Heres to you both, the amazing food, and your adorable family.

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