Sunset Engagement Taft Point Yosemite NP

Does the word magical even describe how incredible these two are!! When Laura and Keith reached out to me about doing their engagement photos in Yosemite, I was so stoked to be able to show them around a place they hadn't been to before :) One of the most special parts of my job is showing my many new clients and friends around such a magical place like Yosemite. Not only are you hiring a rad new photographer, but you also happen to get a package deal with a new pretty darn cool friend too. There is something about Yosemite that I can never quite put my finger on, and that is just the raw beauty this place has. I can remember the first time I visited Taft Point at sunset, and I quite literally was left speechless, which doesn't really happen that often.

Laura and Keith brought their adorable little Bostin Terrier Odin with them on this fun little trip. Let me tell you, that pup is not only the cutest little guy I have ever seen, but the most well behaved one too. Be sure to spend a few extra moments appreciating his adorable little face!

Everything came together so perfectly; the stars truly aligned with these two. With all the closures that kept happening in the park and the many unknowns in the world with COVID and the fires in the area, there was finally a clear enough day that we could all come together and have a blast in the park. We actually ended up getting in the day Yosemite re-opened after being closed due to hazardous air quality. Not only was the park extremely ghostly because there was almost no one there, but we were able to have Taft Point all to ourselves. Having such a popular space all to yourself is not something that happens too often in the park, but it made for an even more intimate and super wonderful experience!

Congrats, L+K,. You two are so amazing!!

Enjoy their session and cute pup as much as I did!

Sunset Engagement Taft Point Yosemite NP | Wesley Harden Photography + Yosemite Wedding Photographer