Yosemite Valley Cooks Path Fall Engagement L+A

I went to highschool with Lina and when she reached out to me to take her engagement photos in Yosemite I was so excited! Yosemite is quite literally in my backyard and every chance I get to visit it is always a show stopper. We shot in the late Fall when every bit of the valley had that yummy golden hour goodness. The sun was setting at Cooks Path and the way the light lit the granite around these two was truly unreal.

We danced, we ran, we explored. Each time in the valley is a new experience and this was certainly an incredible one. L+A had the most killer outfits that were so perfect and extra moody. Lina had sent me a text before the shoot with a photo of her dress and I about fell to the floor over what she had picked out. Her incredible red flowy dress was TO. DIE. FOR!

From the cuddles and the piggyback rides between these two on a little section of sand we found as the light was disappearing in the valley, we ended the day with some of the most special moments and intimate details.

Yosemite Valley Intimate Golden Hour Fall Cooks Path Engagement Session With Moody Epic Tattoo Couple Red Dress Details L+A

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