Yosemite Valley Fall Surprise Proposal

Yosemite Valley Fall Surprise Proposal

You've probably seen a lot of work I have done in my favorite place ever, AKA Yosemite. One thing for sure is how unique each session is. When it comes to planning any sort of photo session in the park, we are sure to WOW your friends and create timeless memories. Depending on the time of year, the location in the park, and of course YOU, there are so many options we have when it comes to being epic.

When Salil reached out to me about proposing to his now fiance (spoiler, she said yes) Priya, we really had to work together because at the last minute, and the park closed Glacier Point road, which was our original proposal location. We both really wanted Taft at sunset, but the weather said NO, and snowed for a few days. Luckily there are a number of unique places in Yosemite we can go to create an epic session. We coordinated together, and after sending a few locations back and forth, we settled on shooting near Swinging Bridge. I had gotten there earlier and had met Priya's sister, who flew in from Chicago as a surprise with her husband. It is always so amazing to have some help when it comes to a surprise proposal, and these two had a PLAN!

Priya's sister brought extra clothes for her sister to change into, and I scoped out the perfect spot for her to say yes! After a little while, Priya's sister and her husband hid behind some trees while I put on my best acting and let them to the proposal spot, walking just enough ahead, so it didn't seem like they were following a complete stranger! We finally got to the location, and music played while Salil handed Priya a handwritten card and to down on one knee. After Salil proposed, Priya's sister and her husband came down the little trail, and the rest is best shown through all their beautiful photos below :)

I hope you enjoy all the magic from this extra special day as much as I did!

Surprise proposals in Yosemite Valley during the Fall photo inspiration. Swinging bridge and half dome views. Tossing roses photos.