Yosemite Valley Surprise Proposal

Ten tips on how to plan a surprise proposal in Yosemite.

Let's talk about planning a surprise proposal in Yosemite! One of the most challenging and nerve-racking sessions there must be. Now, don't get me wrong, these sessions are A BLAST! It comes down to really putting on a good act and coordinating the plan down to the last detail to capture those genuine reactions! I've had my fair share of these sessions now and know how to execute a killer session. Here are some of my biggest tips I would like to share when it comes to planning a surprise proposal in Yosemite or anywhere!

10 Tips to Planning a Surprise Proposal:

  1. Communicate your idea with your photographer, who will recommend amazing places and ideas to bring your plan to life!

  2. Schedule a call to get ideas flowing and make sure you are both on the same page.

  3. Share a Pinterest board with ideas.

  4. Don't be afraid to ask your photographer for help.

  5. Make sure you have each other's contact info and a clear idea of the timeline for the day.

  6. Send shared dropped pins from Google maps or Apple maps and annotate accordingly, so you know where to meet. Save these details offline as cell service can be spotty in more forested areas.

  7. Bring things that mean something to you and make the session reflect who you both are as a couple. (Blankets, Champagne, a change of clothes, etc.)

  8. Keep an eye on the weather, especially in the winter months.

  9. Take a deep breath. We're almost there!

  10. Meet at the right time and let the rest fall into place. Let a few tears fall, get down on one knee, and make it happen :)

Now that the hard part is over, we can all run around and have a blast celebrating your love! if you happened to bring a change of clothes, feel free to change and we can run around in the golden hour light being silly and creating timeless memories!

I use this exact plan in nearly every surprise proposal as a starting point as every session is different and requires a unique approach. Hopefully, these tips are a good place to start so your proposal is EPIC!

Enjoy Andrew and Ambrosia's magical surprise proposal in Yosemite!

Ten Tips to plan a surprise Proposal in Yosemite Valley with epic Champagne 🥂 spray. Cute raw emotional moments with golden hour light. Amazing landscape Yosemite sunset.