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I'm thrilled to connect with you. I go by Wes, and as the lead photographer at Wesley Harden Photography, LLC my team and I specialize in capturing the magic of destination adventure elopements, weddings, and all things couples. We pride ourselves on being wedding professionals dedicated to bringing our clients' visions for their special day to life.

We often find ourselves being the first experience for couples with a professional photographer. Having been in front of the camera myself, I understand the initial hesitation. However, we promise you that it will be not just enjoyable but incredibly fun! We approach photography candidly and authentically, and none of our couples are expected to be models. Trust that you are in capable hands, and we are here to support you and your partner every step of the way. Remember, you are not alone in this journey!

In our role as your photographer, we act as your guide, your personal journalist, and most importantly, someone who can give you comfortability and direction. Your only task is to show up and be yourselves.

Whether your dream setting is Yosemite Valley, the Bay Area, or even out of the country, we are committed to being there for you until the very end. We are well-acquainted with various destinations, including Yosemite National Park, Sedona, Arizona, and Mt. Rainier for weddings and elopements.

My ultimate hope and mission is that the memories we capture together will endure a lifetime to come. When you glance back at your photos, my wish is that they bring a smile to your face, serving as a timeless reminder of the fantastic moments from your special day. Please feel free to reach out via email with any questions you may have.

Best regards,

*Owner of Wesley Harden Photography, LLC

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Banff Wedding Photographer

Meet the Team!

While I aspire to personally capture every event that crosses our path, regrettably, availability constraints may prevent me from doing so. Nevertheless, rest assured that our collaboration can still thrive! My dependable team of photographers, carefully selected and trained, stands ready to do justice to your special day, seamlessly embodying the distinctive style of work you have grown to appreciate. Our curated process ensures a consistently exceptional experience for each of our wedding clients.

Our hands-on approach spans your entire wedding journey, with the ultimate aim of crafting an unforgettable wedding or elopement photography experience that intricately captures your once-in-a-lifetime story.

Associate Process Overview:

Prior to officially securing our services, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the lead photographer who will be capturing the essence of your event.

Each of our lead photographers boasts years of professional experience, dedicating themselves to ensuring client comfort while skillfully documenting each precious moment throughout the day.

In the pre-event planning phase, our clients collaborate directly with Wes and the designated associate. Together, we meticulously craft a customized timeline one month before the scheduled event. This collaborative effort ensures that every detail is accounted for and that both Wes and the associate are well-acquainted with your vision. To facilitate this process, clients engage in a Zoom meeting for introductions and comprehensive planning discussions.

Following your event, every image undergoes meticulous, individual hand-coloring by me personally. This hands-on process is undertaken with precision to guarantee the delivery of a consistent and reliable final product.

We are personally committed to delivering on our promise. Rest assured, we will bring your dream wedding or elopement to life, preserving these cherished memories for a lifetime to come.

Wesley Harden Photography Associate Team


I want you to get butterflies and tingly fingers (maybe even a few tears) because your photos bring you back to the most love-filled day of your life. You CAN do whatever you want on your wedding day. You CAN take the less traditional route and plan the Adventurous Elopement of your dreams. You CAN only invite ten people to hear you and your partner profess your vows to one another.  I want to capture all of the exciting & intimate moments that you won’t want to forget 30+ years from now. 

Wesley Harden Photography Associate Team


At heart, I'm a natural born servant. I truly love to help people, in all ways. Being a natural servant, I have the skills to be attentive to your needs, making sure that you  are comfortable and that your requests are fulfilled. I'll help guide you through every aspect of your day from our first phone call to the final photo delivery and even beyond to capture all your life milestones. 

Wesley Harden Photography Associate Team


I've been capturing love stories and portraits since 2014 all along the west coast. I invest my heart and soul into my work. The relationships I've created fuels my passion for photography and has cultivated my genuine love for human connection, community and true belonging. My most deeply held value is to capture people exactly as there are, unapologetically. 

Wesley Harden Photography Associate Team


Every photoshoot is chasing another one of those daydreams, and bringing it to the visual world. This shapes my approach. I let my mind guide me in every moment during a photo session - this can sometimes lead us in fun adventures, interesting situations, trying new things - but the portraits we walk away with are nothing short of moving, raw, brilliant captures of you, your moments, your legacy.

Wesley Harden Photography Associate Team


Photography has taught me how to see beauty in the mundane, overlooked, and forgotten. Now it allows me to witness and document the beauty of being human over and over again... the depth of emotion, connection and imperfect perfections in us all. Love is unique, not a cookie cutter or one-size-fits-all sort of thing. Every bond is a special one and I'm here to celebrate that and create with you and weave together your story through beautiful imagery. It is an honor and privilege to do this work. 

Meet the team

The Right Photographer Makes All the Difference.

Create memories for YOU.

During our first call, we will discuss what your vision is for your special day. It is ALL about you which is why it is important for me to know what you have planned so I can do you justice on your special day. The day is yours and while it can feel stressful navigating the unfamiliar space of planning, you are not alone! I will be there every step of the way helping problem solve, ease concerns, and most importantly watching your vision come to life while dancing with you all at the end of the night!!

My goal is for when you look back on your elopement photos, you get to experience every single moment all over again, reliving your special day photo by photo, moment by moment, and kiss by kiss.

Here is what we will do together. Step by step.

  • Initial Phone Call: We'll coordinate a call, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or any platform you're comfortable with, providing an opportunity for us to connect, get to know each other, and kickstart the exciting process ahead.

  • Reserve A Date: When you're prepared to secure your spot, we'll move forward with a contract and a retainer fee, ensuring we reserve the date exclusively for you.

  • Plan Your Elopement Together: Our commitment starts the moment you reach out to us. While capturing the essence of your love is our primary focus, we go beyond photography to truly understand and organically document your story. This involves exploring hiking trails, scouting locations, aiding in vendor selection, fine-tuning the timeline, and providing resources along with helpful planning tips. Our goal is to ensure you can be carefree on your special day, fully immersed in the moment.

  • Vendor Recommendations: Regardless of the scale of your event, the journey may involve more than just a photographer. In the case of smaller adventure elopements, we can offer recommendations for additional elopement vendors. For those planning adventure elopements and intimate weddings that require a bit more coordination and design, we also maintain a list of trusted elopement planners that we can confidently recommend.

  • Wedding Day: Adventure, explore, get married, pop champagne, and re-live all those moments over and over again via photographs.

Bay area and Yosemite National Park Wedding Photographer Review.
Bay area and Yosemite National Park Wedding Photographer.


A cornerstone of our approach is the close collaboration we maintain with our couples during every session, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. As candid photographers, we appreciate that none of our couples are professional models. Our aim is to make the sessions as comfortable as possible, striking a balance between prompting specific moments and allowing time for you both to simply be yourselves. We believe these authentic moments reveal the essence of who you are together, and we take pride in capturing these details and presenting them to you in photo form.


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Yosemite Falls Engagement photos

Shannon & Matthias

My significant other and I were on the hunt to find an amazing photographer in the Yosemite area for an engagement shoot. Wesley totally fit the bill.

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