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Bay area and Yosemite National Park Wedding Photographer.


Free up YOUR time to do what YOU love. Leave the rest to me.

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struggling with editing and need help?

We're here and happy to help you!

We'll learn all the ins and outs of your unique style and editing approach. Then, we'll put our technical skills to work, ensuring your galleries are timely AND consistently stunning! We edit in ALL styles and genres of photography.

Photographers, if you are here, you likely have found yourself in the all too familiar editing rut. You may have just gotten home after shooting the wedding of your dream, and you're even more excited to share all the amazing moments you were trusted to shoot on social media. Then, you remember you have to cull those images, edit sneak peeks, deliver sneak peeks, work on the entire gallery, export the full gallery... WOW! Suddenly, hours and hours have gone by, and you've barely made a dent in the gallery. You have this wedding and several others you need to finish, what do you do?

Let me stop you right there. First, I need to congratulate you on the wedding and take a moment to do the happy dance because you are staying busy! A part of any business that grows is outsourcing. If you love to be at the wedding, elopement, or couple session but dread editing, you are NOT alone.

Editing can eat up your already busy schedule leaving you little time to do what matters to you. Editing keeps you from what you love to do. BUT, it doesn't have to any longer.

On the surface, you may have found my work from searching for Yosemite Elopements or Bay area Weddings to get inspiration, or maybe you are a past client of mine (great to see you!). Regardless, you are here. Behind the scenes of running my wedding photography company, I have also had the pleasure of supporting other small businesses with their editing outsourcing and giving them their lives back.

Rather than spending an entire day, week, or month clearing your editing queue, I can deliver an entire wedding back to you in one week and sometimes even less. No, I am not kidding.

Sound interesting?

Let's break down the details, and if you are ready to take the leap and begin outsourcing your editing inquire with me below, and we can schedule a free 1:1 meeting to chat more about the process and answer any questions you may have for me.

What is the process?

The process is actually very simple and happens all online. That means you don't even have to be in the same state as me to be able to outsource your work with me. While it is easy, we will follow a few steps to create a seamless workflow that will make your life and mine easier.


Initial meeting to discuss cost and workflow.


I will provide a sample of my work using your presets on 50 images.


We will sign a contract and optional NDA giving you your freedom back.


We will schedule a 1:1 Zoom meeting to discuss your editing needs. We will go over the entire process of developing a mobile Lightroom catalog that I can access online using the software Dropbox. We will discuss the price breakdown and share how I can save you time and give you your freedom back.


You will have the opportunity to send me a trial gallery, where I will edit (using presets you provide me) up to 50 images so I can learn your style for FREE. After you review and approve the edits and want to continue to use my services, I will begin the onboarding process.


The onboarding process includes and signed contract between myself and my client. Some clients also want me to sign an NDA, which I am happy to complete. Lastly, we begin to build an editing queue and schedule for gallery delivery which I will discuss in detail over our onboarding Zoom call.




You will have your personal editor who will take time to learn your style and preferences. Our goal is to make your photos ready to be exported and delivered to your clients.





Overwhelmed at the thought of combing through all the 5000 photos you took at a wedding? You can pay 5 cents an image and we'll do the work for you.



How long does it take to edit the gallery?

Each gallery has a unique editing time allotment depending on the varying lighting scenarios, the number of photos, and the type of editing that needs to be done. Typically a gallery containing 600-800 images takes about five to seven days to complete. Still, I can often turn it around in one to two business days, depending on the season and the gallery's priority.

Can I request the gallery be done sooner than a week?

Absolutely! I understand you have a busy schedule and may need expedited editing, which I am more than happy to provide. I will, however, have to add an expedite charge based on the number of images in the gallery.

How do I know when the gallery is complete?

Easy! I will send you an email when the gallery is complete. You will then access your Dropbox account and open the catalog for that gallery. From there, you will export your images directly to your computer, and if you so choose, you can also download the LR Catalog to your hard drive, so you have a copy of that.

Can I ask for revisions?

Of course. I want you to be completely satisfied with your gallery.

What do you edit?

I edit using Adobe Lightroom and primarily focus on color correction. I will edit out distracting objects such as exit signs, light poles, light switches, and other minor things as necessary. I will NOT change the way someone looks or alter body shape/size.

How do you edit without the RAW files?

I do not need your full RAW images to edit. That's right! This means smaller files we share back and forth and a faster turnaround for you as a client because I do not use the images. Instead, I edit using Smart Previews, allowing me to edit your files without using the large RAW files. Don't worry, though. You aren't sacrificing quality when you open the edited gallery on your end. You can immediately export in any size or resolution you would like, just as you would if you were editing the gallery yourself.

How does the payment work?

Each time you have a gallery that needs to be edited, you will send me an email informing me of your request. Once I have completed the job, full payment is required. I will email an invoice to you where you will have the ability to pay using a credit card or bank transfer.

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