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El Dorado Hills California Fourth of July Wedding

Sacramento Wedding Photographer

Fourth of July wedding with smoke bombs. Golden hour Summer wedding in California. Backyard Covid Wedding. El Dorado Hills Wedding.

Let's talk about Summer weddings! During Kelly & Kyle's ceremony in El Dorado Hills, the temperature got up to over a hundred degrees 😥 It was one of the hottest days I had ever photographed a wedding, and for much of this time, I felt like I was MELTING! Wedding season typically peaks in the summer months here in California, and if you arent familiar with the weather at that time, it can be the hottest months of the year, so it is best to be prepared.

K&K knew the day would have some record-high temperatures, so they planned by keeping their ceremony short and having fans plugged in surrounding their guests. There were also nearby beverages to keep everyone calm and relaxed. When faced with extreme temperatures, it is best to aim for a time as close to sunset as possible. Be sure to keep an eye on when the sun is projected to set by using an online resource such as Time and Date, where you can research your local area and determine the sunset time very quickly. After you know when the sun sets, I can help plan around the rest of your day, or you can work closely with myself and your wedding coordinator to make sure all runs smooth.

There are times when it is simply not possible to have your ceremony right at sunset. More often than not, this is the case myself, and my clients have to experience. Do not fret, though! I am here to help. Check out all the things I can help with HERE!

No matter what the weather is telling you in the forecast, be it rain, snow, or a massive heatwave. These are all things I have experienced before and know exactly how to navigate. Much like K&K, who were expecting high temperatures, we made sure the ceremony was short and sweet and shuffled the guests onto the following location quickly after to keep everyone calm and as cool as possible.

I did mention this was a fourth of July wedding! Kelly & Kyle were not expecting me to come bearing gifts, but I HAD to with their wedding landing on the date it did. I had a few extra smoke bombs in my wedding bag, and after running them through the safety precautions and making sure there was plenty of water around in case something did go awry, K&K pulled the ignitor on the smoke bombs, and wow, did they look fantastic!

Check out their special day below :)

Photographer: @hardenwesley

Hair + makeup: @brandipaintshair

Cake and desserts: @frankviltscakes

Suit: @boss

Smoke bombs: @smokegrenades


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