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Modesto, CA Intimate Backyard Wedding


With the odds of Covid in the air making most people's special day so unpredictable, not to mention the fear of having to reschedule, Trinity and Timothy celebrated their day in the best way possible with all their close family members in an intimate setting in Modesto. When these two reached out to me about their wedding and engagement photos (Which you can find HERE), they had told me all their dreams with each session. I knew we were totally meant to be because when Trin told me her ideal session and used the word boho, I was READY! They both had faced so many unknowns throughout the process, but when we started talking, we made a plan that would be sure to make their day extra awesome!

With most of my work taking me to Yosemite NP, it was a nice change of scenery that got my creative juices flowing. With the help of their families and close friends, T+T planned what I seriously think is the most relaxed and most STUNNING backyard wedding in Modesto that I had ever been to! Everything was so intentional, down to the rugs laid out in the aisle to Trinity's dress that she had custom made from an incredible local artist in the Modesto area, @taste_studio. Not only did Stephanie make Trin's dress and get this, but Trinity's mom also brought Stephanie fabrics she had thrifted and asked if it was possible to make them into dresses for the wedding. OKAY... Believe me, when I say this, STEPHANIE KILLED IT! The dresses were pure magic and HANDMADE! This day has literally everything from the greenery of an EPIC backyard (you'll get it when you see it), to a taste of the city vibes from Downtown Modesto. Please scroll through the magic below and see what I am talking about. Be sure you are sitting before you start the scroll... trust me 😉

Enjoy all the wonderful moments from Trinity and Tim's Modesto CA Backyard Wedding :)


Trinity and Timothy celebrated their special day with their loved ones in a beautifully intimate way! Enjoy their Modesto CA Backyard Wedding


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