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Livermore California LGBTQ+ Wedding at Murrieta's Well | Jenny & Megan

Livermore California Intimate Wedding | Bay Area Wedding Photographer

Livermore LGBT winery wedding boho flower arch and bubble gun photos

When I look back at Jenny & Megan's wedding in Livermore, California, what stands out the most is their authenticity and genuine love for one another. Their shared smiles truly tell you all you need to know. I won't even mention the incredible Pinterest level of beauty from their outfits, to their circular floral arch, down to their adorable pup inclusion and bubble gun action! By far, this day will remain in my mind for a long time, and I will not be forgetting it anytime soon.

When Jenny & Megan reached out to me and were on the hunt to find an inclusive and LGBTQ+ wedding photographer who wouldn't shy away from two women getting married, they first told me of their horror stories leading up to our phone call. J&M told me about their journey up to this point, and it was so hard to hear about the tribulations. From vendors not wanting to provide their service to downright putting these two precious people through hell to have their love honored and respected. It broke my heart hearing how much backlash they had to face and told me all they wanted was someone they could trust to capture their special day–judgment-free and was a fun time to be around.

I knew, had I been in their position, I would want the same things. I am personally a part of the LGBTQ+ community, and it can be frightening to put your love out there, only for it to be rejected and shamed. Finding wedding vendors who celebrate you is a vulnerable experience, and as someone who has faced these struggles, I can tell you, you are in competent and genuine hands. I am someone who can do you justice and cheer you on from the crowd, blast your hype music, and make sure you and your special someone look their absolute best.

As a photographer, it is my duty to take some of the weight off you and your partner, so all you have to do is watch your perfect day come to life. It is also my job to honor your wishes and document the day as it unfolds. I take every couple's wishes to heart and give them the experience I would personally want if I were in their shoes.

Jenny & Megan came to me after a heck of a lot of struggle, and I knew I could give them the wedding of their dreams. With the help of several amazing vendors and the trust from J&M, nothing could have gone more smoothly than this day. Enjoy a few of my favorites from Jenny & Megan's wedding in Livermore, California at Murrieta's Well.

Cinematographer | @jkapture_studios

Florist | @bloomonade

Invitations | @zola

Photographer | @hardenwesley

Hair Stylist | @mocami21



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