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San Francisco LGBTQ+ Intimate Wedding | Hannah & Zayda

San Francisco Intimate Wedding | Bay Area Destination Wedding Photographer

Lesbian Wedding at San Francisco's Ocean Beach. Two brides exchanging vows at sunset in Bay Area

More often than not, I travel to Yosemite National Park for incredible elopements and intimate weddings under the canopy of trees and monoliths of granite that surround my couple. Trust me, those views never get old! But another one of my favorite places to visit and photograph my couples is along the coast. The ocean has always held such a special place in my heart, and from my various photos of myself on my website, I am sure you can see the pattern :)

When Hannah and Zayda reached out to me in 2020 to photograph their wedding in 2021, I was so excited because we all hit it off on our first call, and I could tell these two were beyond excited to get married. They told me what was important to them was capturing their love and finally legal marriage. San Francisco is their home, so they wanted to ensure their love for the city came across in their photos. Like many COVID weddings, there were some unforeseen and last-minute changes. H&Z's original venue canceled on them only months before their wedding. It was a scary incident because finding another venue in such a short period would be very difficult. Somehow, after all the chaos COVID threw our way, we had another venue secured, and the two decided what was more important to them besides their wedding was their desire to exchange vows at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, where they first met.

Even with the setbacks we faced, the day itself could not have gone smoother, and these two could finally share their "I Do's!"

You might find if you are planning a wedding in San Francisco, the restrictions COVID has created many complications, and the fees to apply to your dream location may have skyrocketed. A way around paying event permit fees is to hold your ceremony at a place that is still special to you rather than at a more expensive or complicated location. But don't worry, we will still get you to that special place! Instead of worrying about permits, choose to exchange private vows at your dream location. By far, this experience is much more intimate, especially if you are a bit shy. No permit is necessary, and it's free to do! But by all means, if you want to get married at that special place, be sure to call me to help with the planning and capturing of your special day!

Enjoy Hannah & Zayda's intimate wedding in San Francisco!

Dresses: @davidsbridal



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