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Alex + Katie Glacier Point Elopement Photos

Glacier Point Elopement Photos

Every time I get to visit Yosemite I am always so thrilled to explore more of the park! When Alex and Katie reached out to me I was so thrilled to meet them and create magic together. Their elopement was planned all within a month and even with the short timeline to make everything happen, it all went so smoothly. I was also so excited to show them Glacier Point because this is the only year to make magic in the area as the roads are going to be closed until 2023! This was certainly the time to do it!

To get married in the park, there are special permits required to make it happen. They have a section on them where it mentions the difficulty in getting everything certified if your event date is less than 21 days away from submitting everything (which A+K's defiantly was). I was a bit hesitant about this because of how difficult the park is to contact. Somehow everything came together and we were able to get the permits and get into the park.

The stars definitely aligned for us and made it a magical experience. From my, 4 am wakeup call to meeting these two cuties in Fish Camp and riding into the park together at 6:30 am and running around until 10 am we all made it a blast and I will truly never forget this incredible morning. I will always make the commitment to leave at every hour of the day to have a blast with my couples. Free-spirited, fast, and definitely FUN! These two truly brought their A-game and it SHOWED!

Thank you for being so awesome A+K I am so happy for you both CONGRATS!

Check out amazing time below and just obsess with me over Katie's dress!!


Glacier point Elopement Photos with Alex + Katie. After meeting A+K I was so stoked to photograph their sunrise session at the park!


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