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Glacier Point Sunrise Elopement Daniel + Stacey

Glacier Point Sunrise Elopement

All the uncertainty this year came about so quickly and lead to the closure of Yosemite National Park. It was such a sad time, not knowing when things were to open again to the public. Eventually, the park did open back up, and this came with new restrictions. Yosemite has always held such a special place in my heart. Getting to witness the magic again, even under such heavy restrictions, is still so worth it.

Daniel and Stacey reached out to me and told me their plan to elope in Yosemite at Glacier point. The plan was incredible, and everything came together so smoothly. These two had the idea of eloping at sunrise on this special day. We had finally caught a break from all the smoke and COVID related issues when the day finally arrived. Even after the reschedules, these two were so positive, and we all had such a blast together.

The night before our session, there was a bit of a mishap, and Daniel texted me that Stacey had hurt her ankle, and we might have to reschedule again. I felt so bad for these two for having come distance only to be met with another mishap! Somehow by the grace of the national park gods, Daniel told me Stacey was ready for it and wouldn't let anything stop her.

On the day of the elopement, I met D+S in the parking lot when it was still dark out. We all banned together and made Glacier Point a space to remember. Even with her bad ankle, Stacey wanted to run around and be as adventurous as she could. We managed to pull off an incredible day that I will not soon forget.

Congrats to you, both Daniel and Stacey! You two are the real MVPs of the day!


Even with all the chaos in the world, these two had an incredible Glacier Point Sunrise Elopement. The breathtaking view in Yosemite never gets old.


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