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Intimate Forest Wedding in Mill Valley CA

Mill Valley intimate COVID Elopement

My first socially distanced intimate wedding of 2020. This year has brought about many changes in everyday life but the incredible people I have gotten to work with only power through all the chaos and make their day just that much more special. There is already so much added stress when planning a wedding. Throw in Ms. Rona and it just gets that much more complicated.

Even though the world is very much a different place, it only means there are new ways we all have to adapt. Aaron and Marsha did just that with their intimate wedding in Mill Valley. Through the dense redwoods at the amphitheater and having to sacrifice their guest list to only their local close friends and family, these two pulled off their COVID wedding.

Marsha and Aaron put together every detail of their wedding themselves and with the help of their friends and family. Everyone pulled together in tough times and created such an intimate space for them to get married. As a precaution until only specific times, each person wore a mask during the entire event (myself included) and practiced our social distancing. Aaron placed tiles on the ground that were spaced six feet apart from each other for his groomsman as well as Marsha's bridesmaids. The idea was really interesting to see, especially when Marsha had the idea of placing flowers between where guests would be seated to help distance them from one another.

With the help of their friends and family details like the custom arch with fair lights were set up and created such an intimate atmosphere for everyone to enjoy as their families became one. Aaron and Marsha put together such an incredible space that was a nice escape from all the chaos of the day. Check out their intimate forest elopement!


Mill Valley intimate wedding and elopement in the redwood forest at Mill Valley Park Amphitheater. Cute COVID couple and socially distanced ceremony.


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