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Orthodox Christian Wedding Sacramento CA

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The coolest part about every wedding is just how unique each of my couples makes their special day. Every little detail is apart of their individual stories and representative of who they are. The best part, though, is just being free and having a blast doing so! Maggie & Thaniel reached out to me to do their wedding in 2020. The two were planning their special day back home in Sacramento while they lived in Texas. Making the trip out to Sac to be with their families and tie the knot at the church they grew up at was such a special moment to witness.

It is so incredible how these two adapted their day and persevered through the chaos that is COVID. M&T had a separate space from the church where they live-streamed their ceremony to those in the reception area while close family members were able to stay inside the church. It was such a cool way of adapting to the times while also still sharing a special moment with their loved ones.

If I have to recall one particular moment that truly still brings a smile to my face, it would have to be when these two got hungry, and someone from the party left to get McDonald's (See photo above–and all the rest of them too while you're at it). Thaniel had the best idea of using the chicken nugget box to propose again to his now wife!! When I say we all laughed so hard, I mean we all LAUGHED SO HARD!

Being a free spirit and just enjoying yourself is one of the most important things you can do at your wedding/elopement/in everyday life. We only have so much time gifted to us to run around on this blue marble, so why not grab yourself some chicken nuggets and propose to your boo?!

Please enjoy M&T's fantastic day!

Catering: @nuggetmarkets


Orthodox Christian Wedding Sacramento CA Photo Inspiration Couple photos with McDonald's and Reception inspo Church wedding photos


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