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Tips for Planning a Wedding with Unexpected Weather | Rainy Winter Elopement Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park Elopement | Yosemite Destination Wedding Photographer | Wedding Day Weather Tips

Yosemite National Park Elopement | Yosemite Destination Wedding Photographer | Wedding Day Weather Tips

Tips for planning a wedding with unexpected weather conditions.

From weddings in the scorching 100+ degree weather to a bone-chilling walk through the snow and everything in between–I've captured them all, and I have a few tips for you if the weather is a concern for you on your special day.

Vanessa & Cory had booked me at the early start of 2021 and planned to elope in Yosemite during October of that year. Many of my couples are not actually from California and travel from across the world to get married in Yosemite National Park. V&C's wedding was no different, and at the time, they had been located in Texas. Planning your wedding in another state can be pretty complex, but luckily these two were in great hands. If you are curious about my process for helping my clients plan their dream day, check out THE ELOPEMENT EXPERIENCE on my website!

Yosemite National Park Elopement | Yosemite Destination Wedding Photographer | Wedding Day Weather Tips

Back to the weather, though! October is the most amazing month to visit Yosemite National park. With the incredible changing of the leaves, the colors in the park are BEAUTIFUL and pop like no other! During this time, the park is at its most breathtaking. The breathtaking views of all the colors can also bring about many tourists and crowds, so you will want to keep that in mind. When booking a session with me, my couples typically book about a year in advance to secure their dates. It can be quite tricky to know the exact weather on your special day, and while this may be the case, I have a few tips for you from personal experience.

Here are a few tips for planning your wedding if you are expecting rain, high heat, or snow.


If the forecast is showing rain, don't let this ruin your day! EMBRACE IT!

My couple Vanessa & Cory had not been expecting rain on their wedding day, and we only found out the forecast the week prior. With the inevitable rain in the future, I told them not to worry because the experience is all that matters, and I am confident I can still make the session unforgettable even if it's wet outside. Be sure to bring a durable umbrella (a clear one if possible), shoes you don't mind getting dirty, a jacket to keep you dry, and most importantly, do your best to have a fun time! I will prompt you through everything and promise it will be a ton of fun!

If the forecast is showing your wedding day will have a high of 100+ degrees:

Be sure guests have plenty of water! With that said, be sure YOU have plenty of water. It is also a good idea to warn your guests of possible high temperatures on your invites or RSVP cards so they can adequately prepare. If you are having an outdoor ceremony with high heat, try your best to incorporate a canopy or position it in a well-shaded area so you and your guests are not standing out in the heat for too long. Additionally, make your ceremony short and sweet so guests can make their way to the reception location quickly after. If possible, include portable fans or other types of cooling equipment at the ceremony. Most importantly, be sure to consider yourself and your partners' needs and not just your guests if you have any present. Have a bridesmaid or close friend stay nearby with water and remind you to take breaks if needed.

If the forecast is calling for snow on your wedding day:

Much like the first tip above regarding rain, snow is also something you have to embrace. If you and your fiance are eloping, snow won't impact your day much but can still cause some necessary changes. Suppose you are planning a wedding without guests. In that case, I will help make sure we can still get to the ceremony location and any other locations previously discussed and built into the timeline. If we cannot access these locations due to hazardous road conditions, you will be the first to know. Snow can be a little more complicated on your wedding day because some of the plans will need to adapt, but I can promise you, the photos will look AMAZING! You will want to bring a heavy jacket to keep you warm and dry, a possible thermos with something warm, a quality pair of shoes to also keep you warm and dry, and consider hand warmers or mittens.

If you plan a wedding and are expecting guests, you will want to alert your guests of the weather as soon as possible. Your venue should also let you know well in advance if there will be any road closures or unexpected changes. I will also alert you of any necessary changes as soon as I become aware of them. Additionally, while your other vendors and I will do everything to make the day happen as planned, sometimes situations are out of our control. If weather causes a hazard for myself, other vendors, your venue, or your guests, an option you have would be a reschedule, but this is the LAST resort as we will all work together to ensure everything happens as planned.

Regardless of the type of weather you are expecting on your wedding day, ENJOY EVERY MOMENT! Whether it is a last-minute storm that brings rain or snow or if it is supposed to be over a hundred degrees, your day will be uniquely perfect for you and your fiance. Embrace it and enjoy a rainy October Elopement in Yosemite National Park with Vanessa & Cory, who fully embraced the weather.



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