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Yosemite Snowy Winter Engagement

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I have seen and photographed couples in every season of the beautiful Yosemite NP. When T+T Reached out to me to photograph their wedding, they booked me for their engagement session as well. I was so excited when they told me they wanted their photos taken in Yosemite. It was quite the tumultuous little bit of planning for us all as the date approached. The week before the session, Yosemite had experienced its first winter storm and left several feet of snow all around the valley and shut down several entrances to the park. With all this happening so close to the shoot date, we held out every ounce of hope to make this session come true.

Finally, just days before we were scheduled to be in the park, the roads were magically clear, and the weather forecast showed clear skies. Miraculously, we all were able to make it in and create something truly magical! There arent many opportunities I get to have one on one time with everyone, but because of the winter storms, we all decided to carpool in a vehicle that would be equipped to handle the road conditions we may have to face.

The ride into the park was a fantastic bonding experience I shared with my couple and their close friend, who also tagged along. We took highway 41 into the park and even stopped along the way for snacks. I cannot tell you how many times we all laughed and how quickly the car ride flew by before we had made it to the park.

Times like these have to be the most rewarding experience this job brings me. I am so happy that even after all the wild weather and unknowns, the slips and falls through the snow, and the icy cold, we were able to create some truly magical moments that utterly speak for themselves.

I hope you enjoy Taryn & Tyler's snowy winter engagement photos in Yosemite as much as I did!


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