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Yosemite Valley Anniversary

Sunny Yosemite Valley Anniversary inspiration. Tunnel view photo ideas. Golden Doodle puppy phots in Yosemite Valley ideas. Anniversary photo ideas.

Looking back at the wild year that was 2020 has really put into perspective just how quickly life can change. While there were a lot of–for lack of a better word–wild times, there were also so many incredible moments this year brought me both personally and professionally. Days like Justin and Eunice's anniversary session in Yosemite Valley was one that is incredible to look back on! When these two reached out to me about photographing their anniversary and mentioned, they would be bringing their Goldendoodle, I was so excited to get to capture the special moments and their love :)

I am excited to see what the new year entails for all of us and thankful for making it through another year. It's always super important to view our life experiences with a positive outcome, no matter what occurred. Not to be cheesy, but every day is a gift.

With it being the conclusion of another year on this planet, I want to take a moment to thank all of my amazing clients who have made my dreams come true! To all of my future 2021 couples, I am beyond stoked to get to celebrate with you in the new year! THANK YOU ALL so so much for trusting me with your precious memories and giving me many second families 🖤

In saying farewell to 2020, I've had a minute to reflect on my past year's experiences. Reminiscing has shown me how much I have grown as a person and as a photographer. Looking back a year ago, I was not in the industry full-time but had spent the previous five years working my butt off by spending countless hours honing my craft, working full-time in the agricultural industry, AND earning two degrees. I was lucky enough to be in a position to quit my previous job, continue school, and go full-time with my business. It was terrifying, there were so many unknowns, but it was the most rewarding decision I had ever made.

Peace out 2020, bring on 2021!

To end the year, here are the lovely Eunice + Justin's anniversary photos in Yosemite valley with their adorable Goldendoodle pup!


Sunny Yosemite Valley Anniversary inspiration. Tunnel view photo ideas. Golden Doodle puppy photos in Yosemite Valley ideas. Anniversary photo ideas.


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