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Epic Yosemite Waterfall Adventure Engagement | Shannon + Matthias

When S+M reached out to me about shooting their engagement photos in Yosemite, I was so excited! Yosemite is one of the most magical places on the face of the earth and sharing it is all I dream of. No matter the time of year, the valley can't disappoint.

From hiking in the valley and watching the sunset together we made the adventure in Yosemite even more epic together.

I will remember this day forever. S+M thank you for trusting me to get us up that waterfall.

Love is Love not because of a hashtag or some social media bandwagon that everyone hops on, no, Love is what you have for a partner, for other people, your family, and most importantly yourself.

Shannon + Matthias, you two are the reason I am an engagement photographer.

Thank you for making the drive from LA to run around Yosemite and chase waterfalls with me.

S+M's Big Bend Engagement adventure in Yosemite was also featured on Wandering Weddings!



Breathtaking Waterfall Engagement | Yosemite CA Shannon + Matthias | Wesley Harden Photography | Intimate and Epic Destination Wedding and Couples Photographer


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