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Bodega Bay Sunset Beach Engagement


There has always been a special place in my heart for the beach and the ocean. I actually wear a necklace every day that reminds me of the ocean. I have always felt at home there and love the chances I get to visit. When Nicole and Kyle reached out to me about their engagement session plan for having photos done in Bodega bay, I knew there was such a cool opportunity ahead of us. I had actually never shot at Bodega Bay before but was so ready for the hike out there and even more stoked to meet and create magic with these two amazing people.

I always mention to my clients that I want you to have a good time; I want you to enjoy all the little moments we share and have fun. These photos are yours; they are for you; they tell your story, which is my purpose as a photographer; to be your personal documentarian helping you write, your love memoir. What can I say? Cheesy, absolutely! It's also so true, though. Bodega bay was such a beautiful drive but an even more amazing place with N+K. We ran all around on the beach and just got super soaked by the water in the best way possible. The mist from over the ocean was slowly rolling in and made for the most killer addition. We ended the night by hiking up to this super cute peninsula that overlooked the water, where we played with light and laughed at one another until the sunset so perfectly in the background. That ocean light, the way it sets on the horizon, is like nothing else.

If your heart is set on the beach, much like my own is, these will steal your breath away, so get ready!

Enjoy these amazing moments from N+K's Bodega Bay Engagement session! Can't wait for your wedding next year, you two :)


When Nicole and Kyle reached out to me about their engagement session in Bodega bay on the beach at sunset, I knew we were going to have such fun!


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