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NAS Lemoore Engagement

NAS Lemoore Engagement photos Hanford, CA

When Becky and Sam reached out to me about their engagement session at NAS Lemoore, I was beyond excited for them and this super rad experience. B+S mentioned to me they hadn't had professional photos done since their high school prom, so it was even cooler to be able to share this time with them and have a total blast on the tarmac, which was totally empty and open completely to us.

These two cuties are actually moving and transferring to another base, so this was not only an engagement session but also a goodbye to all the memories they created and shared in Lemoore. Even after not having professional photos taken in such a long time, these two were true naturals that just brought the best energy to this session. It is always so lovely to have an open space to be truly you during a session. When it comes to those couples who haven't had many opportunities to be in front of the camera, a huge part of my job is creating an environment where we can all just be ourselves and not worry about a few stray hairs or strangers walking by with their jaw dropped to the floor because of the pure beauty emanating from my couples 😉

My biggest tip if you haven't had professional photos taken before, tell your photographer. Have that tough conversation because it will really reveal if you are a good fit for one another. Another tip, bring some wine, champagne, or a bit of that good stuff to warm your tummy and loosen the nerves. Lastly, say to heck with everything and wear what you love to wear, share a dance, and do your best to ignore the camera all up in your business. At the end of the day, these photos are about YOU! My job is to purely reflect who you both are and share that in photo form and sometimes a few gifs too!

Don't worry about me, about those strangers gawking, or about the way you look because, sister (and my brothers), you all look fabulous. NOW POP THAT CHAMPAGNE!

Enjoy Becky and Sam's engagement session in Hanford, CA at NAS Lemoore :)


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