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Sacramento Fall Wedding with Bubble Exit | Taryn & Tyler

Sacramento Wedding Photographer | What can your wedding vendors do for you?

I have often heard of couples who have had a poor experience with a different vendor. I've heard of wedding vendors suddenly canceling or even ghosting their clients. It is awful news and disappoints me to no end. Planning a wedding is stressful enough, and adding on top of that a vendor who doesn't help only frustrates me. One of my first clients came to me and hired me to photograph their wedding. During their engagement shoot, they told me they had previously hired a different vendor but had a terrible experience with that person. I hadn't even known my couple was planning on working with another vendor, but after hearing this person had ghosted, my couple truly saddened my heart. It is an awful experience I never wish on any couple.

Vendors should be there for you every step of the way. Instead of leaving it all on you or your partner, vendors should be there to support you by taking on some weight of the wedding day. When I first met Taryn & Tyler, we bonded very quickly and spent nearly the entire day together for their engagement in Yosemite. Walking away from that snowy day in the park was truly such a fantastic experience, and it felt like these people were new friends. Be sure to check out their engagement HERE.

After their engagement, there were many months ahead before their actual wedding, and along the way, we leaned on each other, and I helped guide them in the direction I knew they wanted to go. The vendor-client relationship should be like this! It should feel like you are talking to your trusted team, who understand you for YOU! Walking away from their engagement session and wedding day, it had felt like I gained a new family. T&T even told me they were excited about their wedding and to celebrate with their family, but most importantly, they were "more excited to have me photograph their wedding."

I couldn't have asked for a better time, a more amazing couple, and many new friends from this day. Enjoy a few fantastic moments from Taryn & Tyler's wedding near the Sacramento area. Also, be sure to check out my ABOUT ME to see what I can do to help you plan your dream wedding.

Photographer: @hardenwesley



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