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Yosemite Taft Point Sunset Engagement


I think my favorite words I use to describe this place is always the same. I HAVE NO WORDS!!! Like how is this view even real?!?! I have no idea; there is always something about Yosemite that quite literally stops my heart from beating before the sun just starts to set, then beats all over again and fills me with endorphins. When Myranda and Cody reached out to me about their wedding and engagement, and they had plans about taking photos in Yosemite, I knew the exact place to make it happen. Taft's point at sunset overlooks the valley floor so that no other view does in the same way. These two are seriously some of the most rad people I have ever met, and getting to run around with them in Yosemite made our friendship that much more epic! Myranda had this really great idea to get all dark and moody with their outfits, and when she whipped out her black dress that showed off her tattoos (she has a Disney sleeve, jealous? Me too), I was so obsessed with the look!

We ran around on the cliffs, being careful, of course, and had such a great time making all the magic we did. It is always so special when you get to meet your couples before the wedding. Growing the bond between myself and my amazing clients is so important to me. I want to get to know you before we spend what will feel like you blinked, and the day passed. Getting to know you, work with you, and have fun is what this is all about. I want to be able to give you the most rad experience, even if you have had photos taken professionally before. Let me tell you; I'VE GOT YOU! We are not only going to conquer any fears, but we are going to have a blast doing it!

Cheers to Myranda + Cody; I am so stoked about your wedding in 2021!

Enjoy these killer beauties!


Growing the bond between myself and my amazing clients is so important. M+C had such a blast in Yosemite for their engagement at Taft point during sunset!


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